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Wearing a tie with jeans

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Wearing a tie with jeans is a curious trend that seems to regain limited popularity every few years.  It tends to follow the cyclical nature of fashion, returning in some form but still looking just as confused.

This confusion comes from the fact that jeans are unmistakably casual, conversely ties are not.  This may have been originally devised as a clever way to seem ironic but in most cases it only causes the person to look silly and juvenile.  A dark pair of jeans may feel more formal but you will never negate the fact that they still jeans.  This gentleman below has many pieces of his outfit well coordinated above the waist but detracts from its overall potential but confusing the common theme with the addition of jeans.jeans with tie

If one wishes to dress up jeans I would suggest starting with darker jeans, that aren’t “stressed” or otherwise discolored, and pairing them with a casual jacket, such this one below.  I feel that this example below is more successful at dressing up jeans than the above example.  This still would only be appropriate for the casual situation.casual jacket and jeans

In all cases when looking at someone wearing jeans and a tie, no matter how attractive it may look or what goals they may be trying to achieve,  the same can be accomplished to a higher degree with a nice pair of trousers.  Don’t get me wrong jeans are a important part of a man’s casual wardrobe but leave the jeans-tie combination to those who like to follow men’s fashion trends.

Thanks for the question Brian.

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