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Saying “thank you” in black and white

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

All of us at one time or another will be guests to others or have been the recipients of favors or just acts of kindness.  Whenever this happens I strongly suggest promptly sending a thank you note in some form.  It could be in the form of an email for a casual act or encounter but for more meaningful situations only a written letter will do.

In a more professional business environment a thank you letter would most commonly be typed and in a business format.  You should write a thank you letter to the person who you interviewed with for a job, for example.  Here is a link to help you if you are not familiar with the format or how a Business Thank You Letter should look.

Now if you need to write a thank you letter to someone who entertained you as a guest or helped get you that interview I suggest getting some nice paper and a quality pen.  Opening and reading a letter written on quality paper is more luxurious and comes across as much more heartfelt.   The best pens for this purpose are fountain pens.  Fountain pens write very well and create a crisp smooth line that cannot be matched by ball point or roller ball pens.  For info on fountain pens check out my accessories post. Remember they don’t have to be expensive. You can find very nice pens at quite a discount on ebay.  For good paper look to Crane. For great paper look to Smythson. Smythson is an English stationary company that has received multiple royal warrants.  To add an additional personal touch, have your stationary personalized with your name and address.

Those who receive a thank you letter from you will appreciate it and remember you.

Remember that style and class doesn’t come from just the clothes we wear but also how we act.

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