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Hats for fall

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

We are already well into September and the temperature is steadily beginning to drop. This means it is about time to pull out the fall hats. Here in New England it is not uncommon for the fall to have a large proportion of dreary days, but they are usually not cold enough for a heavy hat. For fall I enjoy wearing a tweed or waxed cotton cap. Flat caps, such as the example below made by Lock & Co. Hatters, were originally considered a hat of the working class but was also adopted as a gentleman’s country wear. Today it is appropriate casual headwear and does a great job keeping the biting breeze off your head.tweedcapBarbour also makes a light cap from their waxed cotton.  This cap is great for the rain as it is water proof and will keep your head dry.  For those of you interested they have discontinued them and a search may be required to find them.  At the time I am writing this they can still be found at Orvis.  Lock and Co. also makes shower proof hats that run more expensive, but they are master hat makers.

french connection porkpie

Gene Hackman wearing a porkpie hat in 1971's "The French Connection"

For more a more formal hat that will carry you through the winter (minus the coldest days) look to a fedora, trilby or porkpie.

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