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Pants with the proper fit

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Trousers are an item that are commonly worn with a very poor fit, which to the trained eye looks extremely sloppy.  One of the biggest mistakes made that I come across, and one of the easiest to fix, is the length.  The next time you walk through town try to notice the length of the suit trousers of the men around you.  More often than not they will billow and around the ankle.  My only explanation for this is either it is caused by salesmen selling suites without really trying to make sure the customer looks good, or an insecurity in the customer to wearing trousers the right length, due to trends in men’s fashion.  Whatever the reason the length of your trouser’s hem should fall just above the sole of your shoes in the back.  This creates a straight vertical  line along the back crease.  The front crease will have one break in the front.trousersIf your trousers are too long, it is an easy fix.  Bring it to your nearest tailor and they will be able to remedy the problem very easily.

When deciding whether to wear pleats or a flat front on your trousers sadly it in part depends on your physique.  For those who are a little heavier I would recommend a pleated trouser because it gives a little more room for movement.  A pleat on a trouser does not mean that the wearer is overweight as anyone can look flattering in a pleated trouser, it just does a good job at masking a bulge here or there.  A flat front provides the wearer with a very clean and simple front but as I mentioned earlier it depends on the body type of the wearer.

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