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A good press at home

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Every morning as I go through my routine eventually it comes time to get dressed and this almost always requires me to iron at least one item.  For years I simply used a cheap iron that I had purchased and seemed to do the job just fine.  My only complaints were that it took a while to heat, didn’t hold much water, and that it had only basic shutoff features, in case it was left on.  Eventually this iron stopped working and it was time to purchase a new one.

Having visited friends recently and borrowed their quality iron I had been inspired to trade up as theirs was head and shoulders above mine.  It may seem to many (it did to me) that an iron is an iron and they all produce the same result.  This, as I would learn, is not the case.


High-end irons are no more equals to low-end irons as Lamborghinis are equals to Toyotas.  Yes both may perform the same basic function i.e. get you from one place to another or flatten out wrinkles, but the experience and the time it takes to perform these basic function is very different.

My new iron, which admittedly cost about three times as much as my old one, is packed with touches that make it perform better contributing to the superior experience. These include:

–       High number of steam holes

–       Large capacity water tank

–       Quick heat time

–       Vertical Steam

–       Tapered point

With my new iron in hand no wrinkle or crease stands a chance in slowing my morning routine.  The quality iron not only produces results faster but it also produces a better result.  For me there was no downside to this investment.

For some reviews on irons Click Here.

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Wearing a tie with jeans

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Wearing a tie with jeans is a curious trend that seems to regain limited popularity every few years.  It tends to follow the cyclical nature of fashion, returning in some form but still looking just as confused.

This confusion comes from the fact that jeans are unmistakably casual, conversely ties are not.  This may have been originally devised as a clever way to seem ironic but in most cases it only causes the person to look silly and juvenile.  A dark pair of jeans may feel more formal but you will never negate the fact that they still jeans.  This gentleman below has many pieces of his outfit well coordinated above the waist but detracts from its overall potential but confusing the common theme with the addition of jeans.jeans with tie

If one wishes to dress up jeans I would suggest starting with darker jeans, that aren’t “stressed” or otherwise discolored, and pairing them with a casual jacket, such this one below.  I feel that this example below is more successful at dressing up jeans than the above example.  This still would only be appropriate for the casual situation.casual jacket and jeans

In all cases when looking at someone wearing jeans and a tie, no matter how attractive it may look or what goals they may be trying to achieve,  the same can be accomplished to a higher degree with a nice pair of trousers.  Don’t get me wrong jeans are a important part of a man’s casual wardrobe but leave the jeans-tie combination to those who like to follow men’s fashion trends.

Thanks for the question Brian.

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Pants with the proper fit

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Trousers are an item that are commonly worn with a very poor fit, which to the trained eye looks extremely sloppy.  One of the biggest mistakes made that I come across, and one of the easiest to fix, is the length.  The next time you walk through town try to notice the length of the suit trousers of the men around you.  More often than not they will billow and around the ankle.  My only explanation for this is either it is caused by salesmen selling suites without really trying to make sure the customer looks good, or an insecurity in the customer to wearing trousers the right length, due to trends in men’s fashion.  Whatever the reason the length of your trouser’s hem should fall just above the sole of your shoes in the back.  This creates a straight vertical  line along the back crease.  The front crease will have one break in the front.trousersIf your trousers are too long, it is an easy fix.  Bring it to your nearest tailor and they will be able to remedy the problem very easily.

When deciding whether to wear pleats or a flat front on your trousers sadly it in part depends on your physique.  For those who are a little heavier I would recommend a pleated trouser because it gives a little more room for movement.  A pleat on a trouser does not mean that the wearer is overweight as anyone can look flattering in a pleated trouser, it just does a good job at masking a bulge here or there.  A flat front provides the wearer with a very clean and simple front but as I mentioned earlier it depends on the body type of the wearer.

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