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A Brief Message on Business Bags

Monday, November 29th, 2010

There is a saying…”Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  While many young professionals fresh out of college know this (understanding the importance of investing in their professional attire) there are still those who some how fail to translate it into what they carry.

This gentleman clearly on his commute to or from work seems well put together but something is out of place…

What is wrong with this picture?

The answer is the juvenile backpack he uses to carry his personals too and from work.  From a purely practical perspective it may seem to make sense, leaving both hands free,  less fatigue if carrying much, etc.  But it will leave his suit wrinkled and from an image perspective it leaves him looking like he is on a field trip, an intern or generally out of his league.

The appropriate next step from the backpack would be to the briefcase or messenger bag.  For those who don’t have to carry anything to0 heavy to the office, i.e., a laptop, a briefcase would be the best option.  Small, practical and professional.

I included messenger bags because there are those that need to travel with a laptop or simply a bit more.  While with a messenger bag you can still wrinkle your suit when wearing it on your shoulder it will be more comfortable with heavier loads and still afford you with a professional demeanor.

*Note Below

For higher end briefcases and messenger bags I like both Bosca and Tumi.  While many young professionals may find these out of their range they could be used as guides of what styles of bags will serve them well in all facets.

*Note:  It is not like me to use pictures of celebrities in my posts but I chose the one above of actor Ryan Reynolds because I felt it was a successful depiction for this topic.

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Stocking Stuffers and Small Gift Ideas

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone the gift giving holidays quickly approach.  Today being black Friday I thought it fitting to offer some suggestions for those of you whom may need some small gifts for your fathers, brothers, sons or friends.

It is my feeling that too often stocking stuffers end up being items that do not find much use or purpose after their after initial duties of filling a sock are complete.

These stocking stuffers are intended to compliment a man’s wardrobe by having value in their style and finding frequent use.


-A shoe horn is an important item for any man who wears leather dress shoes.  While many men may already have some type of shoe horn it is often a cheap plastic version.  For these men or men without any type I would suggest a fine shoe horn made from horn or brass.

-A suit brush is another addition to a man’s wardrobe that helps him properly care for his investments.  Used to clean a suit by brushing away dirt it also can be used quite effectively as a replacement for the adhesive lint roller which can leave behind a residue.

-Everyman can use a package of simple white linen pocket squares.  To add a bit of a personalized touch get them monogrammed with their initials.

-An assortment of silk knotted cuff links is a welcome addition to any man’s collection.  Being inexpensive means quite a few can be purchased.


-As I have written before a decent pocket knife is a welcome addition any man’s daily carry.  They can be very simple and find many uses throughout the day.  Some good deals on knives can be found on Ebay.  Case XX knives are quality knives that can be found for reasonable prices with a little searching.  For online retail I suggest Deadwood Knives.

-A great socking stuffer for a cigar smoker would be a leather cigar case.  These come in a range of styles from the number of cigars they hold to the type of leather.  An added advantage is the ability to be monogrammed to add bit of personalized style.  

This list could go on for some length so at the very least it is intended to sparks some inspiration and help you to get the right items for those who will appreciate them.

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