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The joys of a traditional Barber shop

For many man a haircut is nothing more than a menial, unimportant chore that must be completed periodically.  For these men it is generally acceptable to simply stop in the local Supercuts or  similar fast food hair cutter to get it over with.  The result of a visit to one of these hair cutters is usually a bad experience and a worse result.

Similar to shoes, a haircut is a part of your look that can help bring it all together and it says a lot about a man’s view of himself and style.  Hair like clothes can be trendy, timeless, carefully crafted, or impulsive.  For this reason I feel for a man to get a quality result they must immediately rule out chain assembly line hair cutters.  With this option out of the way, one might then move on to salons.  It is possible for a man to get a decent haircut at a salon but there is something lost in the experience as they are generally targeted to women.  The final reason to look for a barber shop is that as in so many professions, the best at something do it all the time and take pride in what they do.  Those who cut hair at a salon cut primarily women’s hair and usually charge a similarly high price to cut a man’s hair.  Barbers, especially barbers who cut hair at exclusively men’s shops, are second to none at this skill.

I myself use a traditional barber shop in Boston and have always been very pleased with the results, but it is the experience that has helped turn my periodic visit into something that I look forward too.  My barbershop has walls of stained hardwood, comfortable chairs and an accommodating hostess that always greets visitors with a smile.  Notice I said “my barbershop”.  It isn’t just somewhere I get my hair cut it is somewhere I visit with friends receive a great service.

The experience for me starts with a short conversation with the barber about what I want.  This conversation usually evolves into “the usual” or some slight variation of this.  After a few minutes and a good conversations,  the barber washes, dries and combs my hair leaving me ready for anything.  Another option offered includes a proper wet shave, which I would recommend.  I think this, to a man, is what a day at the spa is to a women. One of the best parts is is the price which almost anyone could argue is too low for what they provide.

To those of you who have not experienced the joys of a traditional barber, start searching.  A great way to do a little research and read some reviews to help you find a great barber is though Yelp, if it is available for your area.

For those who don’t use a traditional barbershop I can only recommend you at least give it a try.

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