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The Mad Men Suit?

Brooks Brothers is the well known retailer that has been regarded for years as a fine American clothier.  For the last two years it has supplied the wardrobe to AMC’s hit show Mad Men.  With Mad Men’s  success has come its influence on current styles and trends.  It’s characters conform closely to a style that is very much timeless and today it is becoming trendy to dress in a more classic way.  This I feel is a good thing as more young men will learn how to dress well.


In response to this Brooks Brothers has unveiled their new Mad Men Edition suits.  These suits sport a “60’s” style in the form of narrow lapels, slanted pockets and a more fitted cut.MMSuit

I feel that this shows poor form on the part of Brooks Brothers.  I feel that any fine clothier should place itself above trends especially when they call for a partnership marketing campaign such as this.  A  Brooks Brothers suit should be just that, a Brooks Brothers suit.  It should not need to lean on anything else for its reputation.  This said, I enjoy the fact that Mad Men is showing influence in what its viewers think a well dressed man looks like and I feel that this trend will have an overall positive effect on men’s style.

I do think it is fitting that Brooks Brothers chose to make a Mad Men suit, a show about advertising.

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