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A Matter of Opinion: The Bow tie

In the past few decades the bow tie has unfortunately been reduced to the mark of an eccentric or dandy.   This I feel is an unfortunate fact that has been bred from the slow decline of the average man’s sense of style and the promotion, by films and TV, of the bow tie wearer as an “uncool” or “nerdy” individual.

I am comforted by the fact that there has recently been resurgence of bow tie wearers in younger men.  This I feel is partly a backlash to the common notion of bow tie wearers as being a little odd and the fact that they give the wearer the opportunity to stands out from the crowd.bowtie

That said it is my opinion that more men should find the courage to work bow ties into their tie rotations.  If tying one poses a problem, practice some, it is not much harder than tying a necktie.

city bowtie

Just like neckties, bowties come in a variety of widths and shapes.  If the mere fact that you are wearing a bow tie is a stretch for you then start with more conservative colors and shapes and work in more variety as your confidence increases.

Break away from the pack and stand out as an individual by increasing the versatility of your wardrobe with bow ties.

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