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Sunglasses are for more than just the beach

Sunglasses are by no means an accessory reserved only for the summer or the beach.  They are a functional piece of your outfit that are often even more useful in the winter, if you live in an area that gets snow.  At the very least it is wise to have a pair accompany you while driving and the effort of finding a pair that will carry you through your entire day is well worth it.

When searching for sunglasses it is important to consider the shape of your face and the shape of the lenses.  For example I would not recommend a pair with round lenses to someone with a naturally round face as this would mimic the shape of their face and not be flattering.  The size of the lenses also needs to be considered in order to avoid being unfortunately mistaken for a bug.

Finding the right combination of lenses size and shape is difficult to do with out trying on a few different pairs to see how they fit and feel.  It also can help to bring someone else along if you feel you need an outside opinion.

Sunglasses styles tend to change as often as the current fashion trends do but there are a few brands that have survived the test of time and say volumes about the wearer and their sense of style.

Persol is an Italian brand that originally started with products for pilots and sport drivers but evolved into a premium sunglass company.  One of their most recognized appearances was on Steve McQueen in 1968’s “The Thomas Crown Affair”.

Mcqueen Persol Persol McQueen

Today Persol has a large variety of very classic frame shapes that will fit any need.

More recognizable are Rayban’s Wayfarer.  These are glasses that have changed little since their were introduced back in the early 50’s.  The Wayfarer’s longevity has been recognized by many over the years, including the late President Kennedy.


Whatever sunglasses you choose they should be versatile.  They should have the ability to complement many outfits in many levels of formality.  Once the balance between look, fit and versatility is found you will be left with an item that will be worth every penny as it will help to elevate every outfit that you add them too.

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