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The bespoke suit

The best suits are not those by designers, they are bespoke.  Having a tailor create a suit for you means that it will fit like no off-the-peg suit can.  A skilled tailor will look at your body and create a suit that accentuates positive features and dulls or hides negative ones.  As you might have guessed the most important factor of a suit is its cut.  The cut of a suit refers to the pattern used and how it fits.  The classic suit cut has changed very little over the better part of the last 100 years and has not been greatly effected by changes in fashion. Different tailors have slightly different styles so it is beneficial to do some research and talk to the tailors to find one that fits with what you like in a suit.bespoke

The center of the bespoke world is in London, Savile Row to be exact.  Some of the best and most timeless suits are made here and many of the tailors travel around the world regularly to be seen by clients.  This quality does not come without a price.  A Savile Row suit can cost thousands of dollars and is out of the range of many.  This said if you have access to a tailor who will make you a good suit for less than these prices I would recommend taking advantage.  No suit will fit like a suit made for you.

If you want to invest in just one bespoke suit I recommend looking into a suit in charcoal or navy in wool.  These wool in these colors are most versatile and would enable you to get the most enjoyment out it.

Here is a great video about Thomas Mahon, a well known English tailor. “Tailor Made in Cumbria”

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